Different Journalist, Same Crime

December 9, 2013

Much has been said and written about the assassination of journalist Kawa Garmiyani. But fundamentally, the killing has two aspects: First, this is a normal criminal case, which needs a response from the government and authorities. Second, the attack is on press freedom in Kurdistan. If the authorities are taking what happened seriously, the...
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In the Back Rows of the Sulaimani Forum, a Hint of Iraq’s Future

March 18, 2013

“The changing geopolitics of the Middle East” was the complex and timely topic of the first Sulaimani Forum, which gathered more than 130 international experts, academics, politicians and journalists at the ballroom of the American University of Iraq in Sulaimani. For an Iraqi Kurd and someone who has attended many such events around the...
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November 12, 2012

Those who saw the picture released by the prime minister’s office of Nuri al-Maliki inspecting fighter jets by knocking on the metal body of the plane should not be surprised that he has decided to halt the deal out of suspicion of corruption. The picture should have sounded alarm bells for the Russians, Czechs...
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Press Release: Hiwa Osman wins Outstanding Contribution to New Media Award.

May 6, 2012
Press Release: Hiwa Osman wins Outstanding Contribution to New Media Award.

    Iraqi Kurdish journalist Hiwa Osman was the winner of an international media award for Outstanding Contribution to New Media for 2012 in London. The International Council for Press and Broadcasting of the Next Century Foundation announced the winners of its International Media Awards 2012 at a packed gala ceremony at the Oxford...
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The regional bully

August 5, 2011

As Iran continues to shell Iraqi Kurdistan’s border villages day after day, the public as well as observers of the border situation and Iran’s politics are becoming increasingly convinced that the strikes have nothing to do with Iran being attacked by armed groups in Iraq. Instead, it has everything to do with Iran testing...
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Either Iran or America

July 19, 2011

The current debate over the future of US forces in Iraq and the way it is being conducted is a clear example of how out of touch the political blocs are. It also proves that they are incapable of seeing threats and responding in a rational manner in line with the nation’s best interests....
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