The Brussels Attacks a Clear Failure of CVE

March 23, 2016

The #BrusselsAttacks were expected or not surprising to say the least, Brussels is the Jihadist Capital of Europe. 

The issue of Jihad in Europe is not a security issue alone, it is a social, political and cultural one. 

The relaxed laws and measures against hate speech and self-appointed radical representatives of the Muslim communities will only lead to this result and more.

Western governments should redefine “political correctness” and be much tougher on these people. 
Instead of asking why the security did not catch the attackers, I believe that the question should be: why didn’t anybody from the terrorist’s surrounding report him to the authorities. 
Western Governments #cve or #CounteringViolentExtremism policies and measures should be revised. It is clearly not working!
We really have to admit that it is the followers of the Muslim faith who are exposed to radicalisation. 
Why haven’t we heard of a Buddhist terrorist, or a Christian terrorist who became one after feeling marginalised and integrated in European societies. 
Something is wrong with today’s teachings of Islam and no one wants to admit that. 

Hiwa Osman interview with RT UK

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