Kurdish security agencies and the public

June 26, 2010

Forty days have passed since the murder of zardasht othman. Regardless of the reasons and the circumstances that led to the killing which is open for interpretation. Nobody still knows what has actually happened.
The public is still looking for answers, while the authorities are still trying to fend off the allegations of their involvement in the murder. The decisive factor in this is the work and findings of the committee established to investigate the murder.
The security service in the region has a good track record for its professionalism and efficiency in protecting the region and its inhabitants, especially in recent years.
It has undergone significant transformation from the days of the civil war to the phase of professional security.
In many ways, one of the main things that the Kurdistan region shows for with the rest of the country is its security.
On many occasions it proved capable of hunting down culprits or those who disturbed peace in the region.
A key element in their work is the steady flaw of information to the public about the case in question.
The key factor for this is people’s sense of ownership of the place and as a result their cooperation with the security services.
The killing of Zardasht presented a new challenge for the security service’s professionalism. By modern standards, it has so far failed to be up to the task.
When the murder was discovered, all, including the security services, condemned it.
This is fine but not enough for the public. Instead of just condemning, the public was expecting information about the circumstances of the killing.
Usually, a the security agency provides the public with detailed information available to them up to the time of the announcement and encourages the public to help with the investigation by contacting them if they have any leads on the crime.
Although a committee was set up to investigate the killing but no information was provided to the public yet about its work and findings
The committee so far has not come up with any new evidence that leads to the culprits or to the understanding of why this murder was perpetrated.
Providing the public with regular updates that contain as much information available as possible is the key factor in preventing rumors and innuendos prevailing and the accusations and counteraccusations of the politicians would still continue.
At times of crisis, the security agency is usually the one that rallies public support and confidence in the state institutions it is also the one that creates a sense of ownership of the process.
The committee has the opportunity to depoliticize the case and put the case in the hands of the people of security and law and not people of politics.

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