Turkey: The Sick Man of the Middle East

September 3, 2012

By the time this article is published, CIA Director David Petraeus will be in Turkey, according to the Turkish daily Aksam. Petraeus is to conduct talks with Turkish officials on the situation in Syria and the fight against terrorism. The visit will highlight a number of important issues in U.S.-Turkish relations. But the question...
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The Real Threat: Water

August 26, 2012

Among all the political, economic and diplomatic crises of the country, internally and with its neighbors, another serious crisis is looming. The water shortage has a direct impact on the livelihood of the country, both in the center and south of Iraq and in Kurdistan. It is related to neighboring countries and has internal...
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One Country and Two Fronts

August 13, 2012

The international community, the Middle East and Iraq are split over Syria. Every country seems to have an agenda or vision for Syria that either supports or opposes the current regime. The only country that is split is Iraq. On one hand, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and others backed by the U.S., UK and...
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Messages from Davutoglu’s Visit to Erbil

August 6, 2012

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s visit to Erbil and Kirkuk sent many messages to the Kurds and Baghdad; the main one being Turkey is an important, strong and stable player in the region. But the visit also sent messages home to Turkey. The headline of the daily Hurriyet on August 2 was: “Barzani vows...
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The Timing and Place of Barzani’s Speech

July 30, 2012

President Barzani’s speech about the current crisis with Baghdad and the issues surrounding the removal of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was right in that it answered his critics, but it should have been given to a different audience, in a different place, at a different time and in a different language. The speech...
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The Time for Kurdistan Region of Syria Has Come

July 23, 2012

The Kurdistan Region of Syria? Yes, it is possible. Now is the time to decalre it. Today, the Kurds of Syria are in a position to be a strong player in the new Syria and the Middle East. But this depends a great deal on their Kurdish neighbors and co-fighters – namely, the KDP...
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